Discover-Develop-Disrupt with #FINTECHACK

Let's accept it, things are changing - ideas.. innovations.. Technology are transforming every aspect of our lives -we are literally living in an era of ideas. Yet for every one idea which transforms, there are millions which fail. Ever wonder why? .. What does it take for an idea to be the next unicorn

This is where the need of an enabling ecosystem arises - an ecosystem which provides implementable guidance on best practises from veteran industry experts influencers and mentors, who created them. An environment to test the idea - not only the technology behind it but understand the consumer psyche.

Having worked with more than 100 start-ups liked yours, this is where we at YES BANK - a startup ourselves - felt we could step in - create a community to learn, share, network, invest, partner and grow. A platform for accelerated learning and co-creation - #FINTECHack - where you can hone your idea and get access to a testing environment.