Today, the half-life of innovations are decreasing. There are 1000s of nimble FINTECH organizations and startups which are leading innovations in the sector. YES BANK realizes that all Innovation cannot come from within the Bank, yet it has its core strengths, platforms, compliance & governance and above all a large and robust customer base to offer the Fintechs.

Therefore, YES BANK has taken the A.R.T approach- Alliances, Relationships & Technology (A.R.T) approach to Digitized Banking - and partnered with some of the best Fintech firms to deliver unique, innovative Banking and financial solutions to customers.

Currently YES BANK has over 100 such partners.

Partnership with startup ecosystems around the country like T-Hub,Ispirt, to provide enabling technology systems for startups
Banking relationships with more than 50 FINTECHs across sectors
State-of-the-art technology infrastructure to provide startups a platform to integrate their solutions